Mission Statement

"Working conciously with patients, professionals and the community - for the good of all"

About Footwell PodiatryAlina_s_Pic_Final-1.jpg

Footwell Podiatry was founded by Podiatrist Alina Nelson.  After working closely with Doctors, Physios and Maori Health Providers for 8 years, Alina realised working closely with other health professionals and the community means better health outcomes for patients.

When Doctor Aniva Lawrence and her Physio husband Leroy pitched the idea of an integrated health clinic based in Tikipunga, Alina jumped at the chance to finally work in her own community.

After nearly 4 years of running a clinic within Te Whareora o Tikipunga, Alina decided to go out on her own.  And is now happily based at the Town Basin, in an independent clinic.


Why choose Footwell Podiatry?

We love feet and we care about your well-being!

We are dedicated to the well-being of your feet and employ multiple techniques and services to ensure you are getting professional, evidence based treatment and care. 


At Footwell Podiatry we use -

  • Advanced Diagnostic Techniques
  • The same electronic systems as your Doctor, so we work closely with them
  • Proffesional mentoring including a Podiatric Surgeon
  • Infection Control Procedures in accordance with  NZ Cornerstone Accreditation Standards

At Footwell Podiatry we have -

  • Doctors and a Physio on site for a second opinion if required


We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us, please call us on 0800-2-555-41 for your foot appointment!