ORTHOTICS (medical innersoles)

What are orhotics?

Orthotics are medical grade innersoles used to improve foot function and/or redirect pressures and offload injured parts of the foot. Orthotics can mean the difference between injury and no injury, pain and painfree. Orthotics can even reduce athritic pain and slow the progress of the arthritis.

How it works

If you are experiencing foot pain, you will require a 40min comprehensive assessment of your foot and foot function.  Once we establish what you are suffering from and what has caused it, then we can find an orthotic that suit you, your injury/condition and your lifestyle.

Once the orthotic is fitted when we will follow up to see that your pain has reduced.  Sometimes the orthotic will need some fine-tuning to suit your condition and requirements or additional therapies such as stretching or anti-inflammatories (as examples).

Why us?

We are committed to getting you back to doing what you love most! 

Need orthotics, but don't need an appointment?  See our products page!

It is always best to consult with a Podiatrist before buying orthotics, but if you are a return customer, or know exactly what you need, please go to our shop to purchase today online!