Who needs this kind of surgery?

Anybody struggling with re-occuring pain and/or infection from toenails growing into the skin.  Ingrown toe nails are extremely painful, and when infected, no amount of anti-biotics will solve the problem long term.  Often, an infection will return as soon as your course of anti-biotics has finished.  This is because the 'infecting object' (the toe nail) is still growing into the skin. 

For many people the best solution is a 'one time' surgery to remove the portion of nail causing the problem and preventing it from growing back.  Once this is done, ingrown toe nails are thing of the past forever!

What is involved?

First you will need to make a 30 minute appointment for us to assess your toe nail(s) and general health to ensure you are a good canidate for this minor procedure.

The procedure is very straight forward, usually taking approximately 10 minutes per toe nail and is done under a local anaesthetic.

Your surgical fee includes dressings, antiseptic cream and two follow up visits to prevent post-operative infection and promote speedy healing.  Healing differs for everyone but on average takes approximate 10 - 14 days.  You can walk and with care return to work or school almost immediately.

Needle Phobia

At Footwell Podiatry we understand that many people suffer with Needle Phobia and will often delay surgery because of it. This is why we work hard to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the clinic during and leading up to your surgery. 

We can (with help from our on-site Doctors) provide with a prescription for a topical anaesthetic so you cannot feel the needle at all.  We can also help plan with you (and your doctor if required) to make the experience and comfortable as possible. 

We take Needle Phobia seriously and provide warmth, music, a cup of tea and support wherever we can to help get you through the experience with a smile.

Why Footwell Podiatry?

  • We use the latest surgical techniques
  • We Guarantee our work
  • We provice an 'after care' take home pack
  • We provide written home-care instructions
  • We include follow up consultations in the fee
  • We have a Podiatric Surgeon, as a surgical mentor
  • We are ACC registered
  • We are a WINZ provider
  • We Care!