Winter Foot Blues

June 29, 2016 at 3:14 PM

Our indian summer is over, and our once fancy-free feet are now held hostage in boots and shoes to ward off the cold and wet of winter.  For many of my patients, this means sore red toes, corns, callus and even bruised toe nails.

It might surprise you to know that many of these problems are easily treated and relieved with economical consultations and or products.  If you have corns on your toes, we can quickly and painlessly remove these, as well as provide you with toe sleeves to prevent their return.

If rubbed raw skin on the toes is what ails you, see our web shop for foam or silicone toe sleeves that can relieve your discomfort immediately.  Easily applied prior to donning your shoes, they will make you warm, toasty and painfree all day.  Please see our web-shop to order these online without a consultation.

Thickened nails can often bruise the skin underneath the nail with pressure from enclosed winter shoes.  A simple and painless treatment at Footwell Podiatry will have those nails thin, beautiful and comfortable, for only $45.00.

Bunions and the forefoot are also common areas for discomfort through winter, so be sure to see us for a full consultation, to see how we can resolve these problems for you.

Look after those feet, by visiting our webshop or our clinic, and we will keep you smiling this winter.


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